Booking & paying

These are two procedures that relate so much to each other and it is important to know how to go about them. When you are booking you will be obligated to pay some booking fee depending on the terms of the owner.

Simple steps to follow when booking

  • Visiting

This is by going to the website official page. By doing this you will have access to all the properties listed for rent. The opportunities in this case are infinite since you can get anything you want.

  • Locating you most preferred

This is the part where you will be able to find a home, house, room or apartment of your choice. The website provides easy access to all the properties listed. There are thousands of properties that you can find in the website from different cities.

Here you can search a property if you know the name, or you can just browse from one property to the other checking their specifications to find the best match according to your needs.


Paying is another very important that step that requires a lot of care to make sure that your reservations are made. Many property owners require you to make some payment when booking. This is necessary since it keeps off jokers.

When it comes to paying you need to have your credit/debit card in order to make sure you can easily pay.

Details required in this case include;

  • Card number
  • Expiration dates
  • CVV
  • Full name on the card


Once you have filled all these details click pay to finish the process.