Why Safety

Do you want to be safe when renting a room in a new place? Do you want your money to be safe when making a booking?

Do you want to rent your home to people who do not threaten your security? Do you want to know that you get paid for renting your rooms in the right manner?

These are the questions whose answers you get by talking about why safety through babaracine.com

We are aimed at creating a safe community where there are no worries when interacting with each other. A safe community where everyone feels safe irrespective of their origin.

This can be achieved by making sure people using babaracine.com are honest and genuine.

Identity Verification

This is where safety matters and identity verification is a procedure done by both property owners and customers to make sure that there is safety. In this part, the website requires property owner to upload a copy of ID as proof of identity for verification. When creating an account, you are also required to add personal information showing your location as well.

For customers you will also be required to add details about your address, names and contacts before you can book. Proof of ID is also a requirement to make sure only genuine people book for products.